The Origins and History of Rap-Rock

The Origins and History of Rap-Rock. Rap-rock has been emerged at the end of 20th century. For those of you who want to know more about this type of sub-genre, you have to look back at the beginning of hip-hop era and why this type of music accepted by rock and sbobet indonesia community.

The Birth of Hip-Hop (Early 1980s)
In the early 1980s, hip-hop was born but it was very different when compare to rock music. At that time, rock has been the monster of music scene after emerged in the 1960s and became number one type of music in this industry. Even though the origins of Rock’n’Roll came from a couple of African-American pioneers such as Chuck Berry, but most rock bands were performed by white people. Hip-hop gained its popularity in the ‘80s with all the performers was black. This music became alternative to rock genre.

The Origins and History
The Origins and History

The Popularity of “Walk This Way” (Mid 1980s)
The history of hip-hop/rap suddenly was changed in 1986. As one of the most successful rap groups of that era, Rum D.M.C collaborated with one of the biggest rock bands in ‘70s Aerosmith. These two super groups remake the hit song of the band called “Walk This Way”. This hit song brought Run D.M.C to larger market of white fans and surprisingly this masterpiece also redefined the successful career of Aerosmith. But the most important issue was that this single has emerging the new sub-genre called rap-rock.

The Origins and History
The Origins and History

The Emergence of Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys (Late 1980s)

The year when ‘Walk This Way” released by Run D.M.C and Aerosmith and became number one song in the country, white hip-hip trio from Brooklyn named Beastie Boys arrived and released “Licensed to Ill”. This album took off and sales multi-platinum records. In the late ‘80s, the greatest hip-hop band in that era Public Enemy shocked the map of music when they released “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” album in 1988. In the early ‘90s Public Enemy would duet with Anthrax. These two greatest bands that time remake the single “Bring the Noise” from the hip-hop band.

The Spotlight of Rap-Rock (Early 1990s)

Throughout the ‘90s, there are two bands that morphed rap and metal reach larger audiences. Faith No More, art-metal band, with their singer-songwriter Mike Patton who mixed rapping with traditional singing. Their biggest hit “Epic” in the 1990 became one of the best rap-rock songs of all time. And rapper from Los Angeles named Ice-T with his hard-rock band Body Count released the most controversial song of the era entitled “Cop Killer” on their 1992 self-titled album. This song came with controversy from all over the country at that time.

The Origins and History

Rap-rock became more popular throughout the ‘90s. One of many rock bands that integrated hip-hop scene into their style is Rage Against the Machine. Inspired by Public Enemy, this band has become one of the most outspoken groups in the history of rock and roll.

The Golden Era of Rap-Rock (Late 1990s)

“Significant Other” album released by Limp Bizkit in 1999 was probably the breakthrough moment of rap-rock era. The second album of the band that is originated from Florida sold more than 8 million copies. This band morphed the skateboard rebellion style from Beastie Boys and the outspoken aggression of Rage.

After the success of this album, there are more rap-rock bands that came to the scene. Papa Roach, rock band form California, shocked the world with their biggest hit “Last Resort” in 2000. A couple of months later, another band from California called Linkin Park hit the scene with their breakthrough album called “Hybrid Theory”. Since then, LP has become larger than life rap-rock bands and sold million copies.