The History of Rock Music

The History of Rock Music. Rock music history has been evolved since its appearance in the late 1940s because this type of music has reinvented and redefined itself. Rock is type of music that is performed with drums, electric guitars and bass. This is music is completed with vocal who sings the lyrics. The sound is very simple. Meanwhile take a look how rock music has evolved over the years.

The Origins of Rock (1940s-60s)

The origins of rock can be tracked to the late 1940s, when blues and country music became popular that day. These two worlds have morphed into a new style completed by a catchy drumbeat and electric guitar. Chuck Berry was the pioneer of rock music in the 1950s with his classic blues style and famous stage act.At the early ‘60s, post-Berry era, Rolling Stones and the Beatles redefined rock music to another whole new level. It was also making the transition from solo musician into groups or bands that produce albums of songs. Though the Beatles and the Stones has brought the spirit of rebel to young generation but they also brought rock to its glory days.

The History of Rock
The History of Rock

Evolution of Rock (1970s)

The domination of rock music continued in during the 1970s. There were a couple of new bands made their own style and sound to the territory. One of the most famous bands in the 1970s is Led Zeppelin with their heavier and darker sound. Zeppelin open the new genre known as heavy metal or hard rock.
At the same time, more complex arrangements and psychedelic elements brought by Pink Floyd. Their album entitled “Dark Side of the Moon” has known as one of the best progressive rock albums of all time.
Punk was born in the late ‘70s. Two of the most influential punk bands in the world are Sex Pistols and The Clash. They have brought enraged singing, rude attitude and loud guitars.

The History of Rock
The History of Rock

Splintering of Rock (1980s)

At early of 1980s, the domination of subgenres started. A band from England called Depeche Mode was inspired by eclectic instrumentation of industrial and spirit of punk. With keyboard, they constructed the style of songwriting that is more introverted. Some people might say it is post-punk, but some say it is new wave.
A couple of American bands such as REM redefined rock by morphing elements of post-punk and introspective lyrics, but still with the arrangements of traditional rock band.
At the late ‘80s, alternative rock has emerged. This sub-genre took off when Billboard made a 1988 new chard for alternative rock.

The History of Rock
The History of Rock

Re-Emergence of Rock (1990s-Present)

At the early 1990s, the domination of alternative music continued with the emergence of Nirvana. That album “Nevermind” which was released in 1991, change the map of music forever. They morphed punk and metal became grunge. With a couple of other Seattle bands such as Soundgarden Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, grunge really changed the world of music.
One band that continued to captivated many fans around the world throughout the 90s are Red Hot Chili Peppers with their funk style. Foo Fighters are one of those bands that emerged after grunge era which is called post-grunge.

At 21st century, alternative sub-genre still has many listeners. Sub-genre so called Emo rock has emerged at the early 2000s. Bands such as My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and The Used defined what’s this music is all about.